Don't just play it by EAR, learn how to clean & care for your dog's HEARing here.

  • Familiarize yourself with what a good healthy, clean ear looks like. It should be pink and odorless. 
  • Keep the ear canal dry and well ventilated.
  • Use an ear cleaner that contains a drying agent, especially before swimming or baths. You may also use a cotton ball as a temporary plug in your dog’s ear during baths. It should be snug enough to prevent water from getting in, but do NOT jam pack it inside the ear.
  • If bathing your dog, be sure to direct the water away from the ears and head. Let the water run back from his neck rather than forward onto his head to ensure it doesn’t get into the ear cavities, or just use a damp towel for the face instead. 
  • Be sure to inspect, clean, and wipe ears dry after swimming or a bath. 
  • Be gentle! A dog’s ear contains fragile structures that can easily be damaged.
  • Familiarize your dog with the process. It is best to slowly introduce each step and/or product being used along with a treat to ensure your dog is comfortable and more willing to cooperate.
  • Let us know how your experience went and share any additional tips with us!
1.    First, begin by inspecting your doggo’s ear.  Ensure there is no inflammation, redness, icky yeast smell, excessive hair growth, and ensure there isn’t any pain experienced when you touch the ear. Some dog breeds need their ear hair regularly plucked, so be sure to do that before proceeding if necessary. 
2.    Next, add ear cleaner into your doggo’s ear as you gently pull upward on the ear flap. Avoid letting the tip of the applicator touch the dog’s ear. Let the solution fill the ear canal and then massage the base gently for 15-30 seconds to help loosen up the debris and extra buildup. 
3.    Allow your dog to shake his/her head at this point. You may want a towel to shield yourself. 
4.    Then, gently wipe out the canal, which is best done with a soft cotton ball or small gauze pad.  Do not go further than the depth of one knuckle.
5.    Lastly, give him/her a treat and lots of pets and praise for doing so good!!! 
  • Do not use q-tips! You risk damaging the ear canal, which can result in pain, infection, and even hearing deficiencies. 
  • Do not over-clean your dog’s ears as it can lead to infection and irritation. 
  • Do not clean if you notice symptoms that may suggest infection, fleas, mites, allergies, etc. These problems require a trip to the vet, and cleaning it at this point may cause more harm than good.
  • Do not use hydrogen peroxide or alcohol as they can be irritating and cause further issues and discomfort.