Halloween-ie Costumes Might Be The Best Costumes

Before I adopted a dog, I always swore that I would NEVER be THAT crazy dog mom that dresses up her dog.......Next thing you know, my pup had a closet, and it was fuller than my own. I'm not entirely sure what happened in between those two things and how it all happened so fast, but quite frankly, it's a bit embarrassing. But hey, the first step is admitting you have a problem, right? okay, so moving on... (:

Let's talk about all the adorable and hilarious animal outfits and costumes available these days. It's crazy and amazing how intricate some outfits are, and I LOVE that I'm starting to see more that are for all different types of small pets, not just dogs!

According to USA Today, the most popular costumes, in order, for pets in 2019 were the following: Pumpkin, Hot-dog, Superhero, Bumble Bee, Cat, Witch, Lion, Dog, Devil, and Shark.

With Halloween not too long ago, I'm dying to see some pictures, and I know you've got some you're dying to share. A survey revealed that 29 million pet owners dress up their pets for Halloween. Ain't no way I'm believing you if you say you don't!

Attach a photo of pet dressed up, share a funny story about your pet & Halloween, or tell us the BEST costume you've ever seen on a pet. We can't wait to see and hear all about it!

Here are my babies in a couple of their favorite outfits. Enjoy! :)