In The Name Of Love

I'll admit, being creative doesn't come easy for me. At a very young age, my parents probably anticipated my college major being math or science-related rather than art or music, rightfully so. Evidently, I didn't have a great imagination, considering my rabbit's names were Blackey, Brownie, and Whitey. But I started spicing things up when I switched from colors to weather. The other rabbits were named Thunder, Stormy, Lightening, and Breezy. My hamster was named Speedling (inspired by my sister's hedgehog, Speedy). Along with probably 3 billion other people, I had a cat named Oreo. We rescued three kittens, which I named one-dot, two-dot, and three-dot, because that's how many spots each had on their belly. I also had a dog named Snuggles. Why? Because he was extra snuggly.....I think I've made my point here.

I certainly didn't ask friends or family, research meanings, do a google search, consider honoring a relative, or give any real thought to these names since I was so young, but now I seem to put a tremendous amount of effort into finding the most appropriate and perfect fitting name for my pets. I have a dog named Lola Bear Montana and a puppy, Denim Gretzy West Tennessee, and the moment I knew I found the man of my dreams was when he told me his dog's real name is Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom.


What is the best pet name you've ever heard? & the worst?